The operation in progress involves an underwater cut of some metal details, metal parts that are part of a rotary system designed to clean a seawater filter grid. In practice, it is a series of combs which, rotating in front of the grid, remove the various nylon bags, logs, myths, algae and anything else that could block the light from the grid.

The cut shown is performed with an oxyelectric equipment that reaches thousands of degrees in water, so as to melt, in this case stainless steel, very easily.


Sub Sea Services has benefited the following contributions provided by the State : € 31,432.00 based on art. 1 of the D.L. 22/03/2021 n.41;contribution (equalization) for € 20,422.00 paid pursuant to art. 1 Paragraph 16 of the D.L. 73/2021 of 25/5/2021.