Sub Sea Services is available for various types of maritime works: geophysical surveys for the scientific and environmental sector, underwater inspections and investigations for offshore industries, search and recovery of wrecks, plant control and more. These interventions are carried out through the use of special underwater vehicles controlled from the surface, called rovs, which allow you to observe the seabed and other aquatic environments in real time (lakes, rivers, dams, etc.).

ROV technology includes vehicles specifically designed for diving in aquatic environment and for works in depths. These devices, surface – controlled, can scan in real time seabed, lakes, rivers and dams by using special cameras.
ROV vehicles are quite versatile and employed for a wide range of uses: in the scientific field to oversee the state of seabed and take
samples, in the industrial field to survey and clean submerged implant systems, perform surveys and measurements.
Lastly, in the research field and shipwreck salvaging, and in the production of audiovisual material for TV shows and film production.
Sub Sea Services provides to its customers a wide choice with adequate means for all needs and professional technicians bring operations to full term effectively and in complete safety.