Sub Sea Service is able to carry out work at height or in rope within industrial structures, quarries, dams and buildings of various kinds. The company’s staff, made up of operators specialized in acrobatic construction, and able to access even within uncomfortable environments, to perform installation, maintenance and cleaning operations on smooth or rocky walls. The operations involve the use of particular equipment with the most modern safety systems, to ensure the full achievement of the expected objectives.

Sub Sea Services operates on interior and exterior walls, rocky surfaces, metal structures and scaffoldings, lifting systems, quarries and dams. We can also carry out reparations, substitutions, cleaning and varnishing in the most challenging environments thanks to the use of cutting-edge techniques and modern vehicles for every need.
– Maintenance of areas for industrial dwellings
– Nondestructive testing offshore
– Special processing even in confined spaces
– Maintenance for wind turbines
– Installation, maintenance and testing of lifelines
– Cleaning and washing of stained glass and photovoltaic systems
– Installation of protective nets
– Scale and cleaning of rocky walls
– Assistance to third parties
– Prompt intervention
– Special demolition with the use of non-detonating systems