Sub Sea Services located in Civitavecchia (Rome) has more than thirty years’ experience in the field of naval maintenances: it is addressed both to commercial vessels and those from diporto.
Our staff has always offered a meticulous and highly specialized service.
Each hull to be repaired or requiring maintenance must be photographed and video taken by the diver using digital services: digital photos are taken before and after to create a full photographic archive as a historian of the vessel.
This archive allows the ship-owner to verify the carried out works and in case of sale or cession of the vessel this is used as an official document which certifies the exact state of the hull.
These photographs therefore represent a valid document to evaluate the maintenances carried out over time.
At the end of the work a detailed technical report will be drawn up about the services provided.
Sub Sea Services is also specialized in drydocking, removal, cleaning and replacement of the propellers.
Sub Sea Services is available for maritime works of various kinds: geophysical surveys for the scientific and environmental field, inspection and underwater surveys for offshore industries, research, shipwreck salvaging and plant control.
Such interventions are usually completed by using special underwater vehicles being surface – controlled called ROV which allows to observe in real time the seabed and other aquatic environment (lakes, rivers, dams).