Sub Sea Services specializes in underwater works, carries out anchors in depth, using an innovative technique, called Manta Ray Anchors, which does not damage the seabed and does not cause damage to the ecosystem. These systems can also be used to anchor mooring buoys, to block floating docks and artificial reefs, and more.

The company operates in the Lazio region, proposing ecological and safe interventions both on the coast and sea depths. The staff has been mastering this anchoring technique for years which locks any structure securely and permanently without defacing or polluting the seabed.

Manta Ray Anchors systems, the outcome of many years of research and development, are classified as environmentally friendly and safe, because not only do they not damage the ecosystem of the seabed but they also do not require the use of polluting materials, like concrete.
At the same time, these are definitive interventions which lock and secure any type of structure adapting to the characteristics of the subsoil.

Manta Ray Anchors anchoring systems was born to replace the traditional system with cinder blocks, notoriously regarded as not very sustainable for the environment and quite expensive.
This new approach exploits hydraulic equipment that, once the laying is finished, tends to block permanently the structure, effectively adapting itself to the type of seabed without provoking damages to the ecosystem.

The company offers full assistance for the implementation of interventions: after analyzing the main characteristics of the seabed, SSS experts propose the most suitable operations to gain effective and lasting results.
Anchorages of mobile structures, buoys, safety nets and pontoons are carried out using specialized equipment and top-quality materials, which secure safety and quality while protecting the environment.

Sub Sea Services can perform works at height or in rope inside of industrial structures, quarries, dams and various types of constructions. The company staff is composed of operators specialized in acrobatic building who are also able to access uncomfortable environments and carry out installations, maintenance and cleaning both on smooth and rocky walls.
Operations will involve the use of equipment with state-of-the-heart safety systems to attain the objectives required by the customer.


The company offers full assistance for the implementation of the interventions: after analyzing the characteristics of the seabed, in fact, the experts propose the most suitable operations, in order to obtain effective and lasting results. We make anchoring of mobile structures, buoys, safety nets, piers and more, through the use of specialized equipment and first choice materials, which guarantee safety and quality, in full respect of the environment.