Sub Sea Services is available for surveys and surveys of various kinds (stratigraphic, geo-magnetic, morphological, etc.), carried out by qualified technical personnel.

The company offers a wide range of services dedicated both to the environmental and scientific research and to the companies which belong to the power industry with the use of specialized and cutting-edge equipment. Sediment surveys are carried out along with surveys on terrestrial and marine depths, coring and sampling.
These surveys allow to carefully observe the underground to examine its characteristics and conditions.
These are complex interventions carried out by professional operators and experts in full compliance with the security measures requested by actual regulations.
– Multi – Beam Survey
– Stratigraphic survey with Sub Bottom profiler
– Geomagnetic investigation
– Morphological investigation using Side Scan Sonar
– Characterization of sediments
– Coring and sampling
Sub Sea Services is specialized in underwater works, performs anchorages in depth using an innovative technique called Manta Ray Anchors which doesn’t damage the seabed and most important the ecosystem.
Such systems can be used for anchoring mooring buoys, block floating piers and much bore besides.