Sub Sea Services has a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment in perfect condition for carrying out maritime interventions and works, coring and geophysical surveys. Thanks to constant technological updating and the proven experience of the operators, the company guarantees punctuality, efficiency and quality, technical assistance, specialized consultancy and support during operations.

Sub Sea Services has a wide range of cutting-edge equipment and in perfect conditions to carry out maritime works, cores and geophysical surveys. Thanks to the constant technological updating and the long-term experience of the operators, SSS ensures punctuality, efficiency, quality, technical support, specialized consulting and support throughout the operations.
It is a rapid and economic demolition system without the use of explosives on site.
Once operated, the cartridge inserted in the breech blog generates a wave of pressure which breaks the rock with no projection of fragments.
This system is suitable for a varied range of operations:
– Trench excavation
– Rock and reinforced concrete removal
– Underwater excavations without damaging the ecosystem
– Cutting and squaring of the blocks
– Demolition of isolated erratic boulders
– Excavation of mass and rocks
– Agriculture and forestry
– Civil protection

We use a type of thickness gage which measurement does not require the preparation of the surface and the protective coating must not be removed.
Not removing the protective coating means to not subject the materials to corrosion and cut costs for NDT.
It is a useful measuring instrument designed to detect the thickness of the surfaces without corrosion or specific preparation, even in uncomfortable environments like subsoil, depths of seas, lakes, dams or rivers.
The tool uses ultrasonic waves to correctly calculate the exact measurements based on fixed parameters: for this reason, its use is particularly easier and economic compared to the use of other gauges.

The gauge, remote-controlled from the surface, can calculate the exact thickness of the materials also when diving in deep waters using a multiple echo technology which doesn’t need the removal of surface layers.
It allows to perform measurements even on corroded metals or in uncomfortable environments, obtaining accurate results on seabed and broadcasting in real time thanks to a convenient digital interface.

The surface repeater allows a real-time reception of the signal which is processed via a digital interface: so that the surveys prove to be easier and quicker, regardless of the environment subject to the intervention.

The gauge, remote-controlled by our operators, performs measurements also in challenging environments or in depth up to more than 1000 meters and it is particularly useful to calculate the thickness of tanks, pipes and oil pipelines.
It is compact, light and handy plus it manages to get a flawless precision enough to be employed in the industrial energy field, construction of underwater structures and plant maintenance.
The so-called “triple echo” detection system makes full use of the convergence among several ultrasonic waves and processes the data
in real time, allowing to carry out surveys and measurements without removing part of the surface.
The result achieved ensures substantial savings in terms of costs but also time: the material preparation requires the use of specialized equipment and technicians whereas the gauge makes everything easier.
Our operators have all the necessary qualifications for the surveys even in presence of damaged and corroded material, smaller surfaces or special working conditions.