Sub Sea Services is also available for the recovery of wrecks and boats in distress, thanks to the use of special equipment to inspect the seabed and detect submerged objects, and specialized vehicles for lifting and transport. The staff guarantees complete assistance to customers, evaluating from time to time the tools and techniques to be used in order to achieve the goal.

Sub Sea Services is also available for the recovery of wrecks and vessels in distress by using particular equipment to survey the seabed and detect submerged objects, specialized vehicles for the lifting and hauling.
The staff guarantees a 360° customer service evaluating each time the instruments and techniques that must be used to achieve the desired goal.
This service is offered to private citizens, companies and shipping companies and includes the following areas:
– Project management
– Rescue aid together with engineers and naval architects
– Underwater and instrumental surveys to gather information on site
– Rescue of boats in distress
– Rescue operations for stranded or sunken vessels
– Cutting and demolition of wrecks
– Oil recovery and pollutants (oils) from sunken vessels
– Recovery of cargo from underwater and/or sunken vessels
– Temporary repair of compromised facilities
– Complementary services in collaboration with Salvage Company and subcontractors
Sub Sea Services in collaboration with T&T Marine salvage has carried out significant works in the Mediterranean Sea like Costa Concordia whose project was among the best and even if not the winning one it caught the attention of the London offshore consultants limited which invited us to discuss it carefully at their headquarters in London.