Sub Sea Services, founded in 1995, has been “deeply” committed and actively involved in industrial, commercial and scientific underwater projects. The company is an organization specialized in commercial diving, based in Italy, for off-shore activities, in-shore and in inland waters. From the headquarters in Italy, operations carried out abroad are also followed, in the waters of foreign countries, managing human resources and mobilizing equipment in a flexible and fast way, also creating, if necessary, local offices to meet the requirements of both the customer and the project.All the staff he supervises, the technicians and divers of the company are highly qualified and experienced in both the underwater and work at height sectors.

The Society

The Company relies on state-of-the-art equipment, in full compliance with the recent international rules of conduct on work procedures and on international certificates to minimize risks and improve safety at all times of any project. The SSS operates strictly in full compliance with the rules and regulations issued by IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association), OGP (International Association of Oil & Gas Producers) and all territorial ordinances and laws both in Italy (UNI11366) and abroad.

Areas of intervention

The areas of specialization include:

  • Underwater works
  • Maintenance of port works
  • Maintenance of hydroelectric plants
  • Laying of cables and subsea pipelines
  • Underwater sampling and bath-morphological surveys
  • Salvage diving & HAZMAT diving
  • Work at height with access and positioning systems using ropes

Our subsea activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Underwater works, both in Italy and abroad, in shallow water, using a mixture of air, limited to -50m and diving with bounce dive techniques, using respiratory mixtures, limited to the maximum altitude of -65m. All works are carried out exclusively by qualified personnel experienced in the diving techniques adopted and in the use of the equipment used;
  • Underwater worksfor the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of hydroelectric plants, even at high altitudes (for example, we operated at 2000 meters above sea level in the Aosta Valley);
  • Inspection, Repair and Maintenance(IRM) of existing field infrastructures;
  • NDT campaigns, pipe line repair interventions (including tie-in hot-tapping and spooling), maintenance and replacement of spare parts, such as zincs, fenders, chains and pipes change out to SPM / FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading);
  • Execution of underwater non-destructive testsof submerged and off-shore structures;
  • Various installation activities(tie-in, pipe line, spool and installation services on platforms, oil pipelines, SPM and loading terminals);
  • Commissioning(Set of operations necessary for the commissioning of a gas pipeline, plants and related equipment);
  • De-Commissioning(Operation required to put a gas pipeline or a plant or connected equipment out of service. It is carried out at the end of the useful life of the plant following an accident, for technical or economic reasons, for safety and environmental reasons);
  • Archaeological diagnostics activitiesin an underwater environment;
  • Instrumental and ROV surveysfor acoustic positioning and underwater navigation services, geophysical and hydrographic surveys, environmental sampling;
  • Underwater activitieswith the SATURATION technique up to 150 meters deep.


Sub Sea Services has qualified divers and suitable equipment to carry out:

  • Visual examination using a telecamera and telecamera
  • Tickness measurements using a digital instrument
  • Measurements of anodic potential

Sub Sea Services at the invitation of the ITALIAN NATIONAL ENTITY OF UNIFICATIONS (UNI), given the high quality standards of the company, is now a member and actively participates in the improvement of safety standards in underwater work.


Sub Sea Services is an ‘associate member‘ of the I.D.S.A. (International Diving Schools Association) and applies the training and safety standards required by the Association in its work.

The company collaborates in the improvement of European training standards together with the Association itself.